Just a few tickets left for 2017 Great Wines of Italy USA Tour!

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The Drinkability of Barolo Part II

At the beginning of January, I published my first major report on Barolo. I returned later in the month to taste more 2013s and have now tasted almost 200 of them. They show beautiful harmony, bright fruit, and real clarity. This report includes some late releases such as the Roberto Voerzio Barolo Riserva 10 anni 2007 — a wine released 10 years after its harvest! You can click here to read my full report.

A rockstar vintage for 2012 Brunello (Part II)

During the same trip in January, I also tasted more 2012 Brunellos. As I wrote back in November, it really is a rockstar vintage. Most of the wines are so drinkable now, but they have the balance and structure to improve with age. Don’t miss buying some 2012, especially if you missed out on 2010. Read on for my full report. 

Just a few tickets left for 2017 Great Wines of Italy USA Tour! 

Thank you, USA! We've got just a few tickets left in Miami (March 6). The rest of the cities—New York, Beverly Hills, and San Francisco—are all sold out!  More than 150 premium Italian wineries will be pouring James's favorite wines (all 92 points or more) across the country. We're starting in Miami (March 6), before heading to New York (March 8), Beverly Hills (March 10) and San Francisco (March 11). Stars like Poderi Aldo Conterno, Fattoria Le Pupille and Ornellaia will be pouring wines to the rocking tunes of Australia’s Surahn Sidhu, our favorite DJ who was on guitar, bass, and vocals for Empire of the Sun for several years and frequently goes on tours across the globe. Bonafide wine trade members are invited as our guest (limited availability).




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