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Infinite Sensation Ltd. 愛嘗酒有限公司
Unit C, 28/F., Block 1, Vigor Industrial Building,
49-53 Ta Chuen Ping Street,Kwai Chung, HK
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Rioja wines

1.  Obalo Joven 2015                   
2.  Obalo Crianza 2012          
3.  Obalo Reserva 2009           
 The D.O.Ca Rioja wine, Spain

The bodega's winemaking philosophy is based on a control of the vineyard by establishing the capability of each wine beforehand and monitoring its evolution from the beginning (its pruning) up to its appropriate maturation. As a result, we obtain wines with a marked personality: modern wines that originate from the tradition of the vineyard and the youth of the bodega, wines that are strong but also embody the delicate touch employed in the entire process and that are a true reflection of the whimsical climate of the different vint.


Obalo Joven 2015      TECHNICAL SHEET  ⇛ 
Obalo is a unique creation that fully expresses the essence and distinctive fruitiness of Riojan Tempranillo, whilst maintaining a mouthfeel and structure more usually associated with modern styled wines.
Food Pairing:
  It is a perfect match    with steak, roast  chicken, pasta and rice  dishes as well as great  with tapas and  Manchego cheese.

Obalo Crianza 2012    TECHNICAL SHEET  ⇛ 
Following Obalo’s modern style, this potent and structured wine has been subtly rounded by having rested gently in oak for 12 months. The oak is perfectly integrated in this wine that maintains the ruity aromas typically associated with Tempranillo and in this line is faithful to its Rioja nessence.
Variety: Tempranillo
ALCOHOL: 14,5% vol
Food Pairing:
  It isideal with heartystews,    gamedishes, wild mushrooms and  maturecheeses.

Obalo Reserva 2009     TECHNICAL SHEET  ⇛
This wine fully reflects our winery’s philosophy in all its splendor. It is produced from our oldest vineyards found in the slopes of the Rioja Alavesa. These perfectly mature grapes from old Tempranillo vines are the key to this wine’s intensity and longevity.
Variety: Tempranillo
ALCOHOL: 14% vol.
Food Pairing:
  It is a perfect match with    game, steaks, stews and of  course with mature cheeses.

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